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What is the Castle Rock Clubhouse?     
● The Castle Rock Clubhouse Co. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide meeting space for 12-step recovery programs.
Do I need to be a Member to attend 12 step meetings at the Clubhouse?
● MEMBERSHIP IS NOT REQUIRED for meeting attendance.  You do NOT need to be a Castle Rock Clubhouse Member to attend 12 step meetings at the Clubhouse. 
● Some meetings may be “Closed” to outsiders who do not identify as part of the Group. See schedule for Meeting Status of “Open” or Closed”.     

What are the benefits of being a Clubhouse Member? 
● Becoming a Clubhouse member helps support the Clubhouse. We rely on memberships to help support our Mission and greatly appreciate all contributions.
● Clubhouse Members have nominating and voting rights after 90 days of paid membership.
● Gold Members are allowed full access to Clubhouse.

How much does a Clubhouse Membership cost? 
● See Membership on Website for various Membership Levels and benefits.

How much will rent be and how will each Group pay it? 

● Each 12 Step Recovery meeting must pay rent according to the size room they choose to rent. The large room B (40 person capacity) is $12 per meeting and the small room A (20 person capacity) is $8 per meeting.
● The Board of Directors reserves the right to adjust room rent as necessary.
● Payments should be made online through the Member Portal by signing in to the Castle Rock Clubhouse website.

What are the hours of operation? 
● See the Meeting Schedule for a list of Meeting times.
● Each Group (Renter) may open 30 minutes prior to the start of their meeting and remain open for 30 minutes after the meeting.

Where is the Clubhouse located?

404 Jerry Street, Castle Rock, CO, 80104. Between 4th and 5th Streets in Downtown Castle Rock.

Who will be able to open the Clubhouse?  How can we enter?
● There is a lockbox with keys located on the outside of the building next to the entrance or a Key Code will be given out to access an electronic lok on the front door.
● Each Group (Renter) must assign someone to open and close the Clubhouse for their meeting. Each renter is responsible for locking and cleaning up after themselves.

What kind of security is in place? 
● An unlocked storage area is available for renters to store meeting materials.
● Valuable items should not be left at the Clubhouse.
● Castle Rock Clubhouse is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
● We do have cameras located in the clubhouse that are not monitored regularly but are active and can be reviewed by a board member if there is reason to.

What kinds of meetings can be held at the Clubhouse? 

● Any meeting that follows a 12 step format and the 12 traditions with a general or world service organization can rent Clubhouse meeting rooms after receiving approval from the Castle Rock Clubhouse Board.

Can the Clubhouse be used for other ‘social’ activities? 

● Requests must be made and approved by the Castle Rock Clubhouse Board.

Is there a coffee bar or snacks? 

● Yes, a free coffee bar is provided by Castle Rock Clubhouse as part of the MGroup Rent or Membership. Coffee bar is not manned so please make the appropriate amount of coffee and please clean up after your selves 
● Food, drinks, and supplies can be brought in by the meeting that rents the space.

Is there smoking / vaping on the premises? 

● No, smoking/vaping is not permitted on premises.

Where can I park? 
● There is ample parking available on Jerry Street as well as a large Public parking lot located one block south/west of the Clubhouse. Behind Pegasus Restaurant

Will there be a maintenance person? 

● Each renter needs to help maintain the Clubhouse.
● Please clean up the meeting space and common areas before you leave.
● We have a volunteer facilities committee to help manage the facilities but we still need your help. If you would like to assist in keeping our Clubhouse maintained, you are encouraged to clean.
● please contact a board member if you see something that needs tending to

Are pets allowed? 
● No, unfortunately, pets are not allowed.
● Service Animals are permitted by law.